My-Cultiver uniquely controls how we grow, what we grow and when we grow our products, within our own distribution services.


An environmentally friendly agricultural system and state-of-the-art food production process creating efficient and nutritious results.


Our hand's-on experimental showcase and exhibits designed to educate our community and children about the evolution of food.

What We Do.

My-Cultiver integrates food and plant science with world-class experience design to create tangible solutions to today's agricultural challenges. We are centered on the entire culture of food: Activating how to yield superior food product, Educating on how to improve the systems to allow for better food, and Celebrating the harvested food.

Imagine a custom designed facility where hydroponics, aquaculture and aquaponics merge and grow produce and fish that are created into delicious, nutritionally dense, fresh meals. We know exactly where the food we supply to your customers came from. Local food is grown in a safe sustainable environment: Fish, vegetables and fruits are grown together in a close loop system that needs no pesticides or unnatural fertilizers.


Let's Grow Together

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